Beyond Diversity 101
1 hour 45 minutes
Workshop Outline: Framing: Diversity, the Changing Landscape, and Equity; Exercise: Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions; Understanding Implicit Bias, with video; Privilege, Accountability, and Allyship; Scenarios: How can I show up as an ally? (note: this is customized to Cook County Higher Education’s context); Exercise: Next Steps – Personally and Organizationally
Understanding Equity
2 hours
Join Nina McCune for a presentation on how to build a framework that could be employed in a variety of settings to ensure all people have access and the opportunity to engage the resources, institutions, and outcomes necessary for equity.
Cultural Lenses
1.5 hours
The Cultural Lenses workshop is designed to enhance cross-cultural understanding, relationships, and engagement in our community.
Dimensions of Diversity
1 hour 45 mins
This presentation will assist you to develop an awareness of the different dimensions of diversity and how to apply those in your day-to-day work.