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Your donations support students by funding our tutoring services and local scholarship programs. You can also ensure our longevity by designating CCHE as a Legacy recipient in your estate planning.

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Share your talents, your expertise, your time or your resources. Help a student with a class providing tutoring services! We are always looking for new workshops to offer – tell us what you know!

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Attend A Fundraising Event

Choose the ‘Have Fun and Help Out’ option by attending one of our fabulous fundraising events. We work hard to provide new fundraising events every year while also continuing to host the annual favorite: The Afternoon Tea at Naniboujou.

Support Our Mission

Our mission is to bring education to Cook County. The only way we can do that is to have excellent relationships with educators and educational institutions. We do not limit these relationships in any way. If a student would like to take a class from an accredited institution which we do not have a relationship with, we start a conversation. If a student needs some tutoring help with a subject for which we don’t have a tutor, we find one.

CCHE collaborates with accredited regional colleges and universities to bring degree programs to our residents, where we live and work. Certificate and degree programs include nursing, education, human services, business administration, and many, many more – about as individualized as our community! When we enroll a student in an accredited institution to attend school remotely, we do not receive any of the student’s tuition, nor do we charge a fee for our service.  All of the tuition dollars go directly to the college. This arrangement allows CCHE objectivity when helping a student decide which program and institution fits their needs the best.

Coursework is delivered face-to-face with local instructors, online, or using Interactive Television – a real time classroom experience at our campus.

We offer FREE student support, which includes after-hour computer lab access, free tutoring services , course registration, financial aid, study skill workshops (writing & math in particular), and access to tuition scholarships.

Higher Ed is such an important asset to our quality of life, retaining our population, career/job training, economic development and more! Go get it!

Community Member

Thank you for your tireless work at Higher Ed. Truly, I would not have been able to achieve what I have without leaving our community, if it had not been for higher ed. And in practical terms, that means that I was able to support my son as a single mom, and then support my larger family, serve the community with my new career, and also earn a living that allows us to live here. Higher ed is economic development, personal development, leadership development, community building, family support, and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Previous Student

Cook County Higher Education is such a uniquely incredible, accessible, and generous organization.

Previous Student

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