Need a laptop for use at home?
CCHE can help!

Refurbished Reduced Cost Laptops

CCHE purchases the laptops for $200-225 from PCs for People. You can buy the laptop from CCHE for $75-$175. Please see the application for available discounts and payment plans.

Laptop Specs and Details:

  • A processor (i5 or i7) good for videos, business work, school work, internet, and more; 6 GB RAM, SSD, or 500 GB hard drive.
  • A 1-year hardware warranty, with the exception of laptop batteries, which come with a 7 business day warranty. The hardware warranty covers issues that have not been caused by the user.
  • Issues caused by the user (physical damage, viruses, malware, and other software-related issues) are repaired for approximately $25 fee at the St. Paul PCs for People Store.
  • These are PCs (not Apple products) and PCs for People laptops are refurbished (previously used).

CCHE does not provide technology assistance. If you have technology or internet needs contact us and we will do our best to provide some suggested resources.

This was a great opportunity for my family! Thank you!

Laptop Recipient

Thank you very much for this!  This is quite a great service to the community!

Laptop Recipient

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