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27% of Cook County residents used CCHE in 2018 to further their education, receive training, work with a mentor, understand their educational options, and learn. CCHE is able to serve you and your neighbors through the big-hearted contributions of our Donors.

Your donation matters. It’s quick, easy, and the impact lasts a lifetime.

CCHE hosts an annual event exclusively for donors, sponsors, and partners. We hope you can make it.

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We are always talking about how to attract families & young people to remain in our county. I believe providing comprehensive Higher Education programming is a necessary asset to retaining those people we are trying to attract to the county. Who will be our work force in the future if not those who stay & are able to be educated here at home!

Community Member

CCHE is such a gift to Cook County and a critical part of our economic health.

Community Member

Offers great classes, responsive to community requests and needs. So good to have in our community!

Community Member

Benefactor $5000

Michael Carlson

Philosopher $2500

Karen Smaby

Champion $1000

Bill Youmans and Andi Larsen
Bob and Ginny Padzieski
Roger and Margaret Opp
Scott Harrison
Tim and Jean Cochrane
Tim and Beth Kennedy

Patron $500

Anne Possis
Bob Pranis and Veronica Weadock
Don and Gerry Grant
Janice and Gary Latz
Jared Warpack
Myron Bursheim

Sponsor $250

Barb Heideman
Bev Balos
Bev Denyes
Clair Nalezny
David Quick and Helen Muth
Howard and Bonnie Gay Hedstrom
John and Mary Anderson
Jon and Alyssa Hedstrom
Malcolm Smith
Mark Hollabaugh and Jon Moe
Mary Jane Hedstrom
Patricia Berge
Peter and Carol Harris
Thomas McAleer

Mentor $100

Ann Belleman
Ann McKinsey
Carol Mork and Hillary Freeman
Dan and Diane Fitzgerald
Donna Paine
Jennifer Delfs
John and Jonnie Barton
Joyce Wilson
Jude Williams
Ken and Donna Wielinski
Layne and Rolf Lindquist
Lois Johnson
Loren and Becky Stoner
Pat Campanaro
Steve and Alicia Deschene
Sue Weber
Yafa Napadensky and Bob Shannon

Guide $50

Chad Benesh
Chuck and Shirley Soderholm
Craig and Mona Hunter
Heidi Sobanja
Jean Lainge Weber
Jim and Rebecca Wiinanen
Judie Johnson
Karen Kritta
Kathy Sullivan
Lynda Martin
Maria Carlson
Nancy Dalbec
Sally Suck
Sonja Merrild

Friend $25

Kim Shepard
Kristin DeArruda Wharton
Pat Campanaro
Sally Dunn
Sally Mellang
Sonja Isaacson
Tisha Anderson
Tyler Howell

Student $10

Denny Fitzpatrick


CCHE acknowledges that we are located on traditional, ancestral, and modern-day lands of Indigenous people. These lands were stolen by white settlers who forcibly pushed out Indigenous people. Despite attempts at erasure, the Ojibwe nation, and before them the Dakota and the Cree nations – and other Indigenous peoples from time immemorial – have persisted. We recognize that this Land Acknowledgement is but one step in unmasking systems of oppression. To read the full statement and learn more about our commitment to this work click here.