Room and Technology Equipment Rental Request

Please submit your Room Rental and/or Technology Equipment Request below, a staff member will then review your request and provide you with confirmation. Staff are available from 9am-5pm M-F to help you with your room rental, if your room rental falls outside of our working business hours you will be required to meet ahead of time to get a building key and go over how to set up/operate your own technology.  Please ensure that you have read our rental policies before submitting your request.

Room Rental Policies

Classroom-style seating with tables that seats up to 12, while auditorium seating holds about 20. Please note that this room is currently set up for our medical careers classes with a hospital bed at the far end and does not have a door (a walkway to other offices is at the back of this room)

  • 1 two-person metal table, and 5 two/three-person large plastic tables
  • 8 cushioned metal chairs, 8 rolling chairs, and 2 tall metal presenter stools
  • Large whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • Large water pitcher
  • WiFi
  • ITV/Zoom Screen (additional fees)
  • Phone
  • Close to lower level kitchen with fridge and microwave

Conference room holds up to 12 but works best for 6-8.

  • 1 large boardroom table
  • 8 cushioned metal chairs
  • Small whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • ITV/Zoom Screen, (additional fees)
  • Small water pitcher
  • WiFi
  • Phone
  • ADA accessible

Classroom-style seating with tables that seats about 24, while auditorium seating holds about 50.

  • 10 two-person small tables, 2 two/three-person large tables, 1 two/four-person extra-large table, 1 eight-foot ‘drink/food/display’ table
  • 43 metal chairs, 12 boardroom chairs, 8 cushioned metal chairs, and 2 tall metal presenter stools
  • ITV/Zoom Screen (additional fees)
  • Whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • Pull-down presentation screen
  • Podium
  • Water cooler
  • AC
  • WiFi
  • Phone
  • ADA accessible