CCHE offers room rentals and presentation equipment

We are happy to share our building space to the community when not in use for our CCHE Events or staff meetings. We provide rentals for business and personal use. Please see details below outlining cost, policies, and other requirements, or feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

The CCHE rooms have allowed me to share my passions and teach the next generation my craft.

CCHE Presenter

Room Rental Policies

  • SET-UP: When you rent a room it is your responsibility to configure the tables and chairs for your needs (staff does not provide set-up), clean up after yourself, take out your garbage (dumpster in the parking lot), and return the tables and chairs to the arrangement that you found the room in.
  • USE OF SPACE: Room rentals only include use of the room you are requesting, additional space within our building may be available but is not available for room rental use without expressed permission. Fees are per room. The lower level Student Study Room and Staff Offices are off-limits at all times to Room Rentals.
  • FOOD OR BEVERAGES: If you would like to have food or beverages (beyond water) at your event, you are responsible for providing your own food and beverages, plates, utensils, cups, and napkins. We do not provide complimentary coffee or tea (the creamer, tea, and coffee available are for our own events). We have a water cooler in room 214 that provides hot and cold water.
  • TECH EQUIPMENT: You must request the use of our technology equipment (Zoom Screen/ITV, laptop, speakers, sound system, projector, etc.) ahead of time so that staff are available to set it up for you. Additional fees also apply. Room rentals are not to operate the ITV or Sound System without prior approval. 
  • TECH SUPPORT: If you need special technical support, there is a $75 fee for that service, and it is not always available.
  • DAMAGES: You may incur additional fees if you stain the carpet, or damage any of our furniture or equipment. We do not require a damage deposit at this time. We operate on the honor system and expect that you will alert us to any damages you may have caused.
  • Our mission statement and our students are our highest priority. No rental shall compromise the integrity of our mission statement or the student experience at CCHE.


If your event aligns with our mission, we would love to partner with you! Partnering includes free rental and the potential for marketing assistance. In turn, we ask for a list of your attendees. To inquire about partnering, contact our Program Director:

Rental Rates

Room Rates

Half-day = $25 (up to 4 hrs)

Full-day = $50 (over 4 hrs, and up to 12)

Overnight = $25 (if you need to set up the night before)

Discounts and Additional Fees:

  • If you book 3 or more non-consecutive dates, you will receive a 20% discount.
  • Room rates include room, tables & chairs, other permanent fixtures, and WiFi access.
  • Technology Equipment is extra.
  • Local Non-Profits qualify for a 20% discount (not to be combined with any other discounts).
  • To avoid conflicts with our own programming we do not accept bookings more than 3 months in the future. Special exceptions may apply, please inquire.

Technology Equipment Rates

Half Day = $15 (up to 4 hrs)

Full Day = $30 (over 4 hrs, and up to 12)

  • Rates include all equipment (see below for a list). If extra laptops are required it is $25 per laptop.
  • Technology rates do not qualify for any discounts.

Room and Technology Equipment Details

Main Level Large Classroom

Classroom-style seating with tables that seats about 24, while auditorium seating holds about 50.

  • 10 two-person small tables, 2 two/three-person large tables, 1 two/four-person extra-large table, 1 eight-foot ‘drink/food/display’ table
  • 43 metal chairs, 12 boardroom chairs, 8 cushioned metal chairs, and 2 tall metal presenter stools
  • ITV/Zoom Screen (additional fees)
  • Whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • Pull-down presentation screen
  • Podium
  • Water cooler
  • AC
  • WiFi
  • Phone
  • ADA accessible

Main Level Conference Room

Conference room holds up to 12 but works best for 6-8.

  • 1 large boardroom table
  • 8 cushioned metal chairs
  • Small whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • ITV/Zoom Screen, (additional fees)
  • Small water pitcher
  • WiFi
  • Phone
  • ADA accessible

Lower Level Large Classroom

Classroom-style seating with tables that seats up to 12, while auditorium seating holds about 20. Please note that this room currently does not have a door (a walkway to 2 other offices is at the back of this room).

  • 1 two-person metal table, and 5 two/three-person large plastic tables
  • 8 cushioned metal chairs, 8 rolling chairs, and 2 tall metal presenter stools
  • Podium
  • Large whiteboard with markers & eraser
  • Large water pitcher
  • WiFi
  • ITV/Zoom Screen (additional fees)
  • Phone
  • Close to lower level kitchen with fridge and microwave

Technology Equipment Rental

Equipment is available for rent along with your room rental (we do not offer equipment rentals for use outside of our building). Additional charges apply:

  • LCD Projector
  • Interactive Televisions (ITV) – also known as Zoom Screens
  • Laptop
  • Polycom Phone – for conference calls
  • Laptop Speakers
  • Podium with Microphone