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We have many of our webinars, meetings, and self-paced learning opportunities recorded and available for you to view anytime. Due to certain donations, we are currently able to provide these recordings to you FREE of charge.

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Blood Quantum
1 hour
The presentation covers the traditional way of community membership, the history of blood quantum, the changes that were made in the 1960s and its effects, and the current efforts of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe constitution reform Committee.
Sustainability in Northeast MN – Now and in the future
1.5 hours
What does a sustainable Northeast MN look like? Hear about ideas, projects, and dream with us the future we want to see.
Elder Abuse
1.5 hours
This training is for any and all community members seeking to gain awareness on preventing and responding to elder abuse. Learn from MN Elder Justice Center as well as local elder service providers: Care Partners, Grand Portage Human Services, Cook County Health & Human Services, and Violence Prevention Center.
Beyond Diversity 101
1 hour 45 minutes
Workshop Outline: Framing: Diversity, the Changing Landscape, and Equity; Exercise: Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions; Understanding Implicit Bias, with video; Privilege, Accountability, and Allyship; Scenarios: How can I show up as an ally? (note: this is customized to Cook County Higher Education’s context); Exercise: Next Steps – Personally and Organizationally
Mental Health Awareness Month: Sharing a lived experience of resiliency and hope
1.5 hours
Please join us to hear Jeff read from his book describing his lived experience with facing and responding to his loved one’s mental health needs. There will be time for questions and we will also provide information about mental health resources in Cook County. It is essential that we all prioritize our mental health and stay connected with friends, family and peers. No one should feel alone in their mental health journey.
Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation with Hamline University
30 minutes
Hamline University made a conscious decision to move from a paradigm of merely recognizing social issues, to actually wrestling with them in multiple contexts―classroom settings, campus meetings, and community engagements. Thus, the university is modeling the expectation of not just knowing better, but doing better.
Renewable Energy & Sustainability Initiatives in Cook County
1 hour
In this presentation you will learn about renewable energy projects and sustainability initiatives happening through our local utility providers. We will also learn about clean energy purchasing options available through Arrowhead.
Beginning Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) – Session 4
1 hour
We welcome you to join us in starting to learn Anishinaabemowin with instructor, Chelsey Commisso, Niijii Indigenous Mentorship Outreach Coordinator. During our pre-recorded sessions we encourage you to pause and practice along the way. We have provided handouts, resources, and homework to help with your learning.

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