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We understand that you might not always be able to attend a Zoom Webinar live. That is why we have many of our webinars, meetings, and self-paced learning opportunities recorded and available for you to view anytime. Due to special donations, we are currently able to provide these recordings to you FREE of charge.

How to Access a Recording:

In order to access any of our recordings, we ask that you provide us with your name and email address. We ask for this information to know who is accessing our content, and occasionally we may email you when we have upcoming classes on similar topics. If you have questions, please Contact Us.

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Foundations of Investing
30 minutes
This presentation will help you learn about the importance of developing a strategy, the impact of asset allocation, and the influence of inflation on your long-term goals,  and will go over the basic features of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.
Covering Tactics for Handling Unmasked Customers
1 hour
This presentation covers techniques to diffuse and de-escalate, tools to empower your employees, and ways to get the results required to keep your business open.
The Art of Online Communication
7 minutes
Quick tips from the Workshop: The Art of Online Communication - with Jim Robinson from Minnesota's Theater of Public Policy. Learn how to turn conflict into conversation.
Basics of PowerPoint
1 hour
Learn the very basics of creating professional, powerful, and effective computerized presentations. Learn how to organize and create your presentation and illustrate your points with charts, clip art, transition, and sound.
Intro to Excel
1 hour
Learn the basics, from creating and saving to editing and formatting.
Intro to QuickBooks
1 hour
Topics include: setting up your accounts within QuickBooks, setting company and individual user preferences, creating and using invoices and sales receipts.
Starting a Store with WordPress
45 minutes
Learn how to createe an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce.
Intro to WordPress
1 hour
Beginner class where you will learn about the basics of starting a WordPress website.

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