Drive a Commercial Vehicle? Haul items for your job in your truck or in a trailer?

Join State Trooper Greg Lind to learn about staying compliant and ticket-free while driving commercial vehicles or trucks/trailers for work purposes (or even outside of work hours). Gain insights into obtaining and maintaining the necessary licenses, staying updated on DOT regulations, driving with hazardous materials, avoiding distracted driving, and cooperating during roadside inspections. Do you know about shipping paperwork – materials of trade? Don’t miss this chance to boost your knowledge and promote safer roads through a focus on safety and compliance.


Questions Asked:

  • Question: Was there an exception for calling 911 etc
  • Question: If it has 2 5th wheel plates
  • Question: Can I take my commercial vehicle out of state?
  • Question: Post trip & Pre trip inspections – have to have an inspection book in your truck.
  • Question: Does a rock guard count?