Beyond Diversity 101
1 hour 45 minutes
Workshop Outline: Framing: Diversity, the Changing Landscape, and Equity; Exercise: Understanding and Addressing Microaggressions; Understanding Implicit Bias, with video; Privilege, Accountability, and Allyship; Scenarios: How can I show up as an ally? (note: this is customized to Cook County Higher Education’s context); Exercise: Next Steps – Personally and Organizationally
Understanding Equity
2 hours
Join Nina McCune for a presentation on how to build a framework that could be employed in a variety of settings to ensure all people have access and the opportunity to engage the resources, institutions, and outcomes necessary for equity.
Dimensions of Diversity
1 hour 45 mins
This presentation will assist you to develop an awareness of the different dimensions of diversity and how to apply those in your day-to-day work.