Whose Land Is This
30 minutes
Presenters Carol Mork and Hillary Freeman share what they discovered about the land where they live, it’s connection to the 1854 treaty, and about dynamic Grace A Schaefer who bought the land in 1912.
We are Treaty People – Q&A Follow-up
1 hour
This is a follow-up to the We Are All Treaty People presentation to answer some of the questions that came up during that presentation.
We Are All Treaty People
1.5 hours
This webinar will provide an overview of the histories and legacies of treaty-making in Minnesota. We will discuss the 16 treaties that specifically ceded land in Minnesota to the United States between 1837 and 1861, focusing, in particular, on the treaties that impacted Northern Minnesota. We will conclude the discussion by examining the legacies of these treaties, especially the (lack of) relationship many non-Indigenous Minnesotans have towards these treaties today.
Understanding the Impact of Historical Trauma
2.5 hours
This presentation will introduce the concepts of Historical Trauma and Epigenetics from the American Indian perspective and help us begin to uncover the ongoing impact on our children, families, communities, and ourselves.
Understanding the Genocide of Indigenous Peoples
1 hour
This lecture will explore the histories and legacies of genocide and mass violence perpetrated against the Indigenous peoples of North America broadly from the sixteenth century to the present by introducing competing definitions and concepts of physical and cultural genocide and settler colonialism.
Defining Genocide and the Holocaust
1.5 hours
This presentation will introduce you to the historical origins and legacies of contemporary genocide.
Holocaust Survivor’s Daughter Documentary
1 hour
This film reveals an ancient Jewish culture through the eyes of one Minnesota family that survived the Holocaust in Greece.
History and Stories of Sawbill
2 hours
Listen to Bill Hansen share the history and stories of Sawbill Canoe Outfitters.
Notorious North Shore Gangsters, Gamblers, and Ghost Stories
1.5 hours
North Shore Buried Treasure? Mobsters, Gangsters, and Organized Crime? Things that go Boo in the Night? Listen to Jaye weave these fantastic legends with researched facts and all the fascinating details!