Attend College, Stay in Cook County

Distance Learning

Distance Learning has a variety of meanings and applications. At CCHE, we support all of them! From a single online course to a full load of college classes, from ITV courses to correspondence courses, we can help you understand your options, register, find scholarships, and succeed. The Student Support Specialist is available for a consultation to get you started and guide you every step of the way.

The CCHE campus is open 24 hours to students needing a spot to study, take exams, print out materials and use the computer technology and copier/scanner.

Our population is too small to support a community college. We have qualified instructors, just not the number of students to make a cohort possible. Higher Ed fills the void, offering support for residents who need space or help with distance learning.

Distance Learner

CCHE has helped me in so many ways. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be a successful as I am today in school. Through all the struggles, CCHE knows just what to do to solve them. From willing to meet after hours, or the fact that they give students a key to get into the building and have a quite study space with wifi, whenever needed. CCHE is an amazing program and I truly think we are very lucky to have them as a resource here in town.

Previous Student

As a person with dyslexia (who struggles with both grammar and spelling) I doubt I would have done as well so far in my graduate level classes, as the Student Services Coordinator has been a godsend in correcting them day and night. Hopefully by the end of next year I will have achieved a M.A., then may even try to obtain a PhD. in the years to come.

Previous Student