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College Placement Tests

High school students are often expected to provide either ACT or SAT scores when applying to college. However, many colleges are going the route of test optional. Find out if a college is test optional here.

Adult students, whether returning to college or going to college for the first time, are not expected to provide SAT or ACT scores. However, colleges may ask students to take a placement test once they’ve been accepted. This helps the college determine what level of courses the student is prepared to take. Read more here.

College Planning Questions & Answers

Admissions Tests: What is the SAT?2019-11-21T15:09:12-06:00

The SAT consists of a math section, an evidence-based reading section, and an optional essay section. Check with your prospective school to learn whether you should register for the SAT with or without the essay. The test, comprised of multiple-choice questions, takes three hours plus 15 minutes of breaks. The essay portion is an additional 50 minutes. The top score on the SAT is 1600 (you can earn between 200 and 800 on each section).

SAT Info and Registration

Admissions Tests: What is the ACT?2019-11-21T15:09:26-06:00

The ACT has four sections (reading, math, English and science) and covers more information than the SAT. There is also an optional essay, which may be required by certain colleges. Register for the essay when you register for the ACT if required by the institution where you are applying. The ACT allows 2 hours 55 minutes (multiple choice questions) plus 40 minutes for the essay. A top score on the ACT is a 36 (each section receives a score between 1 and 36, which are then averaged together for a composite score).

ACT Info and Registration

Admissions Tests: What is the Accuplacer?2019-11-21T15:09:38-06:00

Cook County Higher Education is an Accuplacer testing center.

Minnesota State universities and colleges administer the Accuplacer to assess the college readiness of incoming students. The Accuplacer tests are multiple choice, untimed assessments offered at no cost to students. Although the test is not pass/fail, results do determine what course placements are most appropriate for student success. Accuplacer scores are good for up to roughly 3 years (mathematics are good for only 2 years). The test system is computerized and individuals receive their test scores as soon as they have completed their exam.

Students not satisfied with their placements may (in most cases) retest only once (per test section) within twelve (12) months of the first testing date. Often a minimal fee will be required as part of the retest process.

Disability Accommodations: If you have a documented disability, please contact your institution’s test center for information.

What to Bring on Test Day: Take your photo ID and any special materials that your college may ask you to bring.

Accuplacer Information, including a user guide, practice tests, understanding the test

Test Prep

Math Practice Exams with Video Solutions, developed by the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Math Department

Accuplacer Test Score In