Cultural Lenses
1.5 hours
The Cultural Lenses workshop is designed to enhance cross-cultural understanding, relationships, and engagement in our community.
History and Stories of Sawbill
2 hours
Listen to Bill Hansen share the history and stories of Sawbill Canoe Outfitters.
Notorious North Shore Gangsters, Gamblers, and Ghost Stories
1.5 hours
North Shore Buried Treasure? Mobsters, Gangsters, and Organized Crime? Things that go Boo in the Night? Listen to Jaye weave these fantastic legends with researched facts and all the fascinating details!
Stories of the North: Women of the BWCA
1 hour
This presentations covers stories of the women who have lived and worked in the BWCA, starting with the earliest stories that have been passed on to us, through the era of fishing resorts and logging, and into the present.
Foundations of Investing
30 minutes
This presentation will help you learn about the importance of developing a strategy, the impact of asset allocation, and the influence of inflation on your long-term goals,  and will go over the basic features of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.
Covering Tactics for Handling Unmasked Customers
1 hour
This presentation covers techniques to diffuse and de-escalate, tools to empower your employees, and ways to get the results required to keep your business open.
What I Wish I Would Have Known About Student Loans
30 minutes
Join Lenna from Cook County Higher Education to learn more about student loans & paying for college.
The FAFSA and Other College Prep Info
1 hour
Join Jesús Hernández Mejía, Associate Dean of Financial Aid at Gustavus Adolphus College,  to learn about: the FAFSA, types of colleges, types of financial aid, and more!
COVID-19 and College
45 minutes
This webinar discussed college issues in the face of COVID-19 and included a Q&A.

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