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Cultural Lenses
1.5 hours
The Cultural Lenses workshop is designed to enhance cross-cultural understanding, relationships, and engagement in our community.
History and Stories of Sawbill
2 hours
Listen to Bill Hansen share the history and stories of Sawbill Canoe Outfitters.
Notorious North Shore Gangsters, Gamblers, and Ghost Stories
1.5 hours
North Shore Buried Treasure? Mobsters, Gangsters, and Organized Crime? Things that go Boo in the Night? Listen to Jaye weave these fantastic legends with researched facts and all the fascinating details!
Stories of the North: Women of the BWCA
1 hour
This presentations covers stories of the women who have lived and worked in the BWCA, starting with the earliest stories that have been passed on to us, through the era of fishing resorts and logging, and into the present.
A Critical Reading of the News and Other Media
30 minutes
This lecture will provide an introductory framework to “reading” the news and other media with a critical lens.
Wills and Revocable Living Trusts – The Basics
1 hour
Ruthanne Hedstrom Vos, Estate Planning Attorney with Mathison & Vos, PLLC, will help demystify the legal terminology and outline the basic elements of Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, and how each might be used in an estate plan.
Local Herbals a Two Part Series: Introduction to Local Herbals & Starting a Medicinal Herb Garden
3 hours
Join master herbalist Brigette Nies of Ancient Traditions Healing for this two-part series that discusses local medicinal herbs, starting your own herb garden, sustainable harvesting, and preserving methods.
Self-Care: Creating Everyday Healing Rituals, Part 2
1.5 hours
Part 2: Embark on a journey with Brigette Nies of Ancient Traditions Healing to explore a collection of simple self-care practices and daily well-being rituals that can be done at home.
What DOES a Doula Do?
1 hour
This video discusses the role Doulas can play in your life. Presented by Birth and Death Doulas.  
Estate Planning Essentials
1 hour
In this presentation Ruthanne Hedstrom Vos, Estate Planning Attorney with Mathison & Vos, PLLC, outlines the essential legal documents and the information needed to complete them.