For centuries, boarding schools sought to forcibly assimilate Native youth, attempting to, as Richard Henry Pratt boasted “kill the Indian, save the man.” Students at government-approved and government-run boarding schools were stripped of their identities and subjected to systemic abuse. Hundreds of schools operated across Canada and the United States, including more than twenty in Minnesota. As awareness of the history and ongoing impacts of Indian boarding schools grows, important questions are being raised: What’s being done to better understand this painful part of American history and to support survivors? What does justice look like in the aftermath of boarding school abuses? Join American Indian Studies, the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, and Cook County Higher Education as we probe these questions with a panel of experts, community members, and activists.

Presented by the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies, the Department of American Indian Studies, & Cook County County Higher Education. Supported by the College of Liberal Arts Office of Community Engagement.