Arrowhead Birth Collective & Charles Bishop, Acupuncturist at Artemisia Acupuncture & Apothecary

Join us for a presentation focused on Acupuncture for Reproductive Health, hosted by the caring doulas of Arrowhead Birth Collective. This is a casual and a supportive atmosphere where we discuss important topics and share practical tips for people on their pregnancy journey. Arrowhead Birth Collective (ABC) is a group of birth workers who aim to provide perinatal support and make doula care more accessible in Cook County—in the fall of 2022, four women, Grace Granger, Hannah Miller, Sadie Sigford, and Britt Malec, collaborated to create increased access to doula services. “We want to make doula care accessible to people in the region, as well as create a culture of support around the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. We aim to provide services for people locally who may want support for a home birth, planned induction in Duluth, or someone with birth physiology knowledge to accompany them on the drive to the hospital,” said Malec.

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