You are a . . .
Career Learner

You are a person that likes learning but you are focused on making that learning payoff for you. You are excited about what you could learn in a college class and what having a diploma or more can do for your career. You love living in Cook County – this is home and where you want to stay!

You are are a bit like . . .
James Cameron!

James Cameron went through numerous majors in college and potential careers before becoming a famous producer. He combines his numerous interests, film and the environment, into his work.

CCHE Can Help You

Did you know CCHE can assist with research about going back to school whether it be local or distance education or provide support for those currently continuing their education. Don’t let money be the barrier in pursuing further education – CCHE gives out thousands of dollars of tuition scholarships each year to students on their educational journey! CCHE knows how to make long distance education work for local residents.

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