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College Prep Recorded Webinars

Covid-19 and College Q&A Webinar

Lifelong Learning Recorded Webinars

Defining Genocide and the Holocaust

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Estate Planning Essentials
What DOES a Doula Do?
Understanding the Genocide of Indigenous Peoples
Self Care: Creating Everyday Healing Rituals At Home, Part 1
Self Care: Creating Everyday Healing Rituals At Home, Part 2
Local Herbals a Two Part Series: Introduction to Local Herbals & Starting a Medicinal Herb Garden

This 2 part series was recorded as 1 session, with a 1 hour break in-between, you can simply fast forward.

The Science of Gratitude
Wills and Revocable Living Trusts – The Basics
A Critical Reading of the News and Other Media
Understanding the Impact of Historical Trauma

Short summary video of Adverse Childhood Experiences

CDC information on ACEs

Video We Shall Remainby The StyleHorse Collective

Blood Memorydocumentary info and trailer

History of the Holocaust

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Training & Development Recorded Webinars

Business Navigation: Families First Covid-19 Recovery Act

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The New Normal: Business After the Pandemic

Intro to Excel – Anytime Learning

Learn the basics, from creating and saving to editing and formatting. Learn how to create easy-to understand charts. Learn how to manage critical data and how to get the most out of your information. Tech Tip: The 30 most useful Excel shortcuts in one 12-minute video.

Intro to QuickBooks – Anytime Learning

 You will learn how to get started using QuickBooks with your business. Topics include: setting up your accounts within QuickBooks, setting company and individual user preferences, creating and using invoices and sales receipts.

Intro to WordPress Websites – Anytime Learning

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool. Completely new to WordPress? This class is for you! Class 1 is all about basic WordPress – post, pages, etc.

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