More People, More Impact

Won’t you join us? We invite you to share your expertise, time, talent, and resources to help your neighbors create possibilities through education. Every volunteer at Cook County Higher Education exponentially increases our reach, allowing us to assist more students, workers, tradespeople, professionals, employers, and learners.

Form: Become an Instructor or Mentor

CCHE provides an impactful and essential service to our community, making valuable learning opportunities available to community members and organizations that advance our individual and collective talents.

Community Member

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Teach a Class

We appreciate Cook County is home to a diverse population. Everyone who lives here has a unique story, history, and interests. At CCHE, we’d like to know what you know!

Share your knowledge through workshops and lectures. Are you an expert in your field? Do you know a foreign language? Have you recently figured out how to coordinate your electronics? Have you always loved math and would like to help someone else love it?

We are always looking for new, relevant and interesting programming. Compensation is available for most instructors. If you are interested, please click on the button above, complete, and submit the form.

Spread the Word

Spread the word! One of our biggest challenges is getting the word out about what CCHE can do to help every person in Cook County – student, resident, employee or employer. Any help you can give us in spreading the word about our services, programs, and workshops is greatly appreciated.

Hang Posters! We create posters for every class and workshop we hold. Are you willing to hang posters in your area of Cook County? We provide posters and a list of locations. We can email you posters if you’d like to print them at home.

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Mentor and Tutor Opportunities

As part of our college prep and long-distance college student support, CCHE offers free mentoring in a variety of subjects. Often, this one-on-one aid is the difference between success and failure for a student. We maintain a database of available mentors and expertise, and CCHE staff makes the match and provides an initial introduction. The student and mentor create their own schedule. Our facility is open for mentoring, but does not need to be the location.

If you are interested, please click on the button above, complete, and submit the form. When a student needs help in your subject(s), we will contact you. Mentors are offered a stipend of $20 per 1-hour session.

Join the CCHE Board or a Committee

Do you like to work with a group? Can you help steer CCHE to advance our mission? Help us work towards a sustainable future? Consider joining our board.

The CCHE Board meets monthly and each director sits on one or more committee or task force. If joining the CCHE Board seems like too big of a commitment, then help is always needed on the committees, subcommittees and task forces. Committee and task force meetings are scheduled by the members.

If you are interested in becoming a Cook County Higher Education Board or Committee Member, please visit our Board & Committees page to learn more, or email or call the Executive Director, Karen Blackburn.